SCHWEIZER - BIPV Ventilated Roof (CIGS tiles)

BIPVBOOST Enhanced, cost effective BIPV roof and facades systems for CIGS on metal

BIPV roof systems are already widespread and available in a large number on the market. However, the hurdles on the way to a solar roof are manifold and, for stakeholders, dauntingly complex to overcome.

BIPVBOOST project analysed these hurdles along the entire value chain and specifically optimised for the involved stakeholders for the customer journey. For this purpose, a special website with the "Your road solar roof" was set up and equipped with the relevant information (in German, French and English).

Planning documents: Exemplary are the technical drawings for structural connections to eaves, ridge, verge as well as skylights and chimneys. Furthermore, several leaflets on various specific planning topics have been newly created or revised. Checklists for planning and installation supplement the support for planners and installers.

Consistent design tool: The BIPV roof system was integrated into a powerful planning tool. In addition to object registration, calculation of the solar yield, the software platform also enables all structural elements to be planned with wind and snow loads on a site- and object-specific basis and to generate parts lists. Planning with module families with different dimensions in width was developed especially for BIPV roof applications. In this way, existing roofs can be fully covered almost without additional inactive supplementary areas.

Product line extensions: For solar roof systems within existing tiled roofs (partial solar roofs), standardised flashing solutions for tiled roofing have been developed. This allows complex solar roof fields with recesses, etc. to be executed without on-site adaptations.

Installation: For installers, an installation tool has been developed that is available for the specific module size and allows the installation of the mounting brackets by an installer, which significantly reduces the installation effort.

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