PIZ - BIPV insulating cladding
BIPVBOOST - Insulated BIPV cladding

Multifunctional BIPV façade cladding system with integrated insulation

Multifunctional BIPV façade cladding system with integrated insulation

The BIPV façade cladding system developed under the BIPVBOOST project was named as ePIZ. It consists of a composite element, obtained by integrating PIZ cladding product with different photovoltaic (PV) technologies. The main concept of combining PIZ product with a PV element was to have a BIPV cladding system that can offer energy production, a high level of thermal insulation and a good level of acoustic insulation within one product along with an easy installation process.

The PIZ cladding product is CE certified and follows ETAG017. PIZ system is a breathable system with open joints so it has good water vapor permeability. It can be installed on the façade using a special aluminum mounting system. The lower and upper horizontal edges of the cement mortar are thickened and grooved to allow the insertion of continuous aluminum extruded rail. All the aluminum profiles are treated against atmospheric attack, the systems shall be secured to the existing sub-structure (iron frame, concrete wall, masonry wall) by means of screws or expansion fixings.

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