ONYX Solar - Walkable Glass Floor
BIPVBOOST - Walkable BIPV floor

Onyx Solar has developed the first anti-slip, “walkable” PV paver in the world. PV pavers allow building owners to install solar energy in rooftops, while preserving their habitability.

Traditional PV panels take up all the space on the roof, reducing the amenity space within any building. In contrast, PV pavers let the owner generate free electricity, while still letting people enjoy the space and walk on top of them, safely.

PV pavers can be manufactured using any Onyx solar technology (amorphous Silicon and crystalline Silicon), and they comply with the highest and most strictquality standards.

They are intended for pedestrian traffic only, and they are installed as any technical, raised outdoors flooring system (PVC pedestals, wood and metal framing). They withstand up to 400 Kg (point load), and can be manufactured in standard dimensions and customized ones.

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